Kedah plans to build maglev LRT system in Langkawi – MoU inked with RETD Korea; Kuah to Cenang Beach

Langkawi looks set to get its own light rail transit (LRT) system after Permodalan Kedah (PKB) inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Royal Eco Train Development, Republic of Korea (RETD Korea).

As reported by Bernama and Berita Harian, the project will utilise maglev (derived from magnetic levitation) technology. State exco of industry and investment, higher education and science, technology and innovation, Dr Haim Hilman Abdullah, said RETD Korea will carry out a project study which is expected to be ready within six months.

“The results of this study will determine the length of the line, stations and related infrastructure, but basically we are planning to develop this service from the Kuah Ferry Terminal to Cenang Beach. This project will be implemented in phases before being expanded to other tourist destinations in Langkawi so that we can have the best transportation network,” said Haim Hilman.

Kedah plans to build maglev LRT system in Langkawi – MoU inked with RETD Korea; Kuah to Cenang Beach

“By conducting a comprehensive feasibility study and subsequently presenting a detailed proposal for the maglev train and the overall development of Greater Kedah, we aim to revolutionise transportation infrastructure and unlock the full potential of the region,” commented PKB CEO Mohd Azad Jasmi.

“Our collaboration with RETD Korea is not merely about signing documents, it represents a shared vision to transform Kedah into a beacon of progress and innovation,” he continued, adding that the project will stimulate economic growth, tourism and job creation.

Meanwhile, RETD Korea CEO Lee Changwook said, “the Netstream Maglev train is designed to harmonise with the breathtaking natural vistas of Langkawi, representing a leap towards modernity, powered by eco-friendly technology that minimises environmental impact, conserves energy, and maintains the pristine condition of the surroundings.”

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