Tesla V4 Supercharger hardware now in Malaysia at IOI City Mall, IOI Mall Puchong, DC charging up to 250 kW

Tesla has started to deploy its V4 Supercharger hardware in Malaysia and the first two sites to use them are IOI City Mall and IOI Mall Puchong.

These V4 Superchargers are configured to provide a maximum charge rate of 250 kW, which is the same as the V3 installations in Malaysia. The main difference to an end user would be the longer cable offered, allowing you a bit more flexibility with parking your car.

Of course, they obviously look very different, going without the big “hole” in the middle that the V3 Supercharger designs have.

Pricing is the same – RM1.25 per kWh for charging, and an idle fee of RM4 per minute when the Supercharger station is 100% occupied to prevent hogging.

All Superchargers use Tesla’s seamless “plug-in, charge and go” system, meaning that users simply have to input their payment method into their Tesla app; charging will commence automatically once they plug up a charger to their car.

As of today, Tesla has opened 10 DC Supercharger sites (48 Superchargers) and 11 AC Destination Charging site (57 chargers) in Malaysia.

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