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There’s a lot going on in China right now…

Electric Police Cars
Electric Police Cars

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Episode: 219

Broadcast date: May 6, 2024

Guest: Sam Fiorani


Paul Herrold of the Sons of Speed sits in for Jill this week. The hosts opened the show talking about the Genesis G70 small sedan which Paul is currently evaluating. He is generally pleased with the vehicle, which is popularly considered an alternative to the BMW 3-Series.


The hosts went on to discuss new—and needed—federal guidelines for Emergency Automatic Braking systems, which all vehicles will be required to be equipped with for the 2029 model year. There is currently a confusing array of systems offered, with varying degrees of functionality.


Still in the first segment Tom had Paul guess which small crossovers were voted most popular in a recent series of Twitter/X polls. Listen in to hear how Paul did.


In the second segment Paul and Tom welcome Sam Fiorani of AutoForecast Solutions back to the show. After talking about the recent uptick in hybrid sales, Sam explained the significance of a recent deal forged between Stellantis and Chinese EV start-up Leapmotors. Sam also explained why carmakers and trade wonks are so concerned about Chinese auto-related manufacturing in Mexico, and the potential impact of cars such as the $10,000 BYD Seagull on the U.S EV market.


In the last segment Paul is subjected to Tom’s “Fake Trim Level” quiz, after which the hosts discussed the new Chevrolet Blazer EV PPV police vehicle.

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