The Best Truck Cargo Nets In 2024

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The bed of a pickup truck is very versatile. Depending on payload capacity, they can haul thousands of pounds. But sometimes the cargo can become scattered around loosely and may get damaged, or worse, fall out while you’re in transit. With a truck cargo net, you can solve this problem and keep your gear secured. Cargo nets attach to the end or the top of your truck bed and are tied down to keep your cargo in place. Here are the best truck cargo nets available at Amazon — prices will vary depending on the make, model, and year of your truck.

$23.25 at Amazon

Key Features

  • 4 ft by 6 ft
  • 12 steel D-clips
  • 5mm thick latex
  • Knotted joints
  • Plastic hooks

This Grit Performance Cargo Net is 4 feet by 6 feet and is held together by steel D-clip carabiners that won’t break or snap. The net comes standard at 4 by 6 feet but comes in 3 different sizes depending on the size of your pickup truck bed.

$33.88 at Amazon

Key Features

  • 4 ft by 6 ft
  • Carbon steel D-ring carabiners
  • Break strength: 1,430 lbs
  • 3” x 3” mesh squares
  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Lifetime warranty

The Rocket Straps Cargo Net for Pickup Truck Beds is durable enough to handle large loads and has a break strength of 1,430 pounds. It’s made with a high-quality 5mm 3” x 3” mesh and has carbon steel carabiners. This cargo net is UV- and weather-resistant and comes with a lifetime warranty.

$34.95 at Amazon

Key Features

  • 4 ft by 12 ft case
  • Heavy-duty D-clips
  • Made with nylon
  • 5mm thick
  • Latex core

The TireTek Cargo Net for Pickup Truck Beds is made with stretchable nylon fabric and is 5mm thick. It has heavy-duty D-clips with 12 metal carabiners to keep your net in place and will keep your gear protected. It also comes with a storage bag so you can store it in case it needs to be removed.

$23.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • 4 ft by 6 ft
  • 12 metal hooks
  • 12 ABS hooks
  • Made with nylon
  • Latex core

The Funmit 4 x 6 Ft Cargo Net stretches up to 8 feet by 12 feet. It’s intended to be placed on top of the cargo and is suitable for truck beds as well as car roof racks. This net is made with nylon and has a latex core. It comes with 12 metal hooks, 12 ABS hooks and 24 carabiners.

$19.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • 50” by 18”
  • 4 metal carabiners
  • Reinforced stitching
  • 3 ways to fasten
  • Water and UV-resistant

This Chortly Gear Truck Bed Cargo Net measures up to 50” by 18” and is suitable for vans, SUVs and pickup trucks. There are 3 different ways to fasten the net and it comes with 4 metal carabiners and self-locking hooks that won’t snap. This net is also resistant to water and UV rays.

How to choose the right truck cargo net

Before making your purchase, make sure the net you choose is compatible with the make and model of your truck. Also, think about if you want the cover to be on top of the cargo or attached to the back of the bed.

How to install a truck cargo net?

Installing a truck cargo net is fairly simple and should keep your cargo secure for many years to come. Here is a YouTube tutorial from Everyman Driver on how to properly install a cargo net.

Truck cargo net vs tonneau covers

Mesh cargo nets are designed to keep cargo secure in the pickup truck bed and prevent it from sliding around while driving. Tonneau covers do the same but are more durable, keep your cargo out of plain sight from potential thieves and are more expensive. A benefit that tailgate nets have that tonneau covers don’t is that they are made with an adjustable elastic mesh and can stretch and adjust to the height of your cargo while tonneau covers have a fixed size only.

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