Best Octane Boosters In 2024

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Every vehicle has a recommended octane number for fuel. Most cars on the road fill up with 87-octane unleaded, but some vehicles recommend, or even require, 91- or 93-octane gas. Octane booster additives are used to restore lost horsepower and acceleration. They can also improve fuel economy and protect your engine. It’s not recommended, however, that you use a lower octane than your vehicle requires and add fuel boosters to make up the difference. Over time this could damage your engine.

Here are the best octane boosters that are currently for sale on Amazon.

$9.99 at Amazon

Key features

  • Safely increases octane
  • Helps improve engine power
  • Helps engine efficiency
  • Reduces detonation
  • Cleans fuel injectors
  • Treats up to 18 gallons of fuel

This K&N Performance Octane Booster safely increases octane numbers and improves horsepower. This booster can also clean your fuel injectors and increase your engine’s efficiency. One bottle of this K&N booster can treat up to 18 gallons of fuel.

$3.97 at Amazon

Key features

  • Restores lost power and acceleration
  • Cleans fuel intake
  • Made with jet fuel
  • Reduces knocking and pinging
  • Treats up to 21 gallons of fuel

This STP Octane Booster is made with jet fuel and can clean your fuel system while boosting your octane numbers. One bottle of this booster can treat up to 21 gallons of fuel.

$7.98 at Amazon

Key features

  • Increases octane boosters by 3 rating numbers
  • Adds reliable performance
  • Lubricates rings
  • Improves cylinder life
  • Recommended for 4-stroke engines only

This Lucas Oil Octane Booster can increase octane ratings by three numbers. It can improve cylinder life and lubricate piston rings. This booster is recommended for four-stroke engines only.

$29.99 at Amazon

Key features

  • Treats octane between 94 to 116
  • Suitable for high compression, turbocharged and blower motors
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Prevents carbon build-up
  • Prevents phase separation

The BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster can treat octane between 94 to 116. It’s suitable for high compression, turbocharged and blower motors. It can also be used in boats, motorcycles, ATVs or any other 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine.

$14.27 at Amazon

Key features

  • Raises octane by 3 rating numbers
  • Increases horsepower
  • Stabilizes fuel
  • Reduces engine knocking and pinging
  • Helps fuel economy
  • Works with all ethanol blends

This Royal Purple Max Boost Octane Booster can raise octane by three rating numbers. This booster can also increase horsepower, stabilize fuel, improve gas mileage and reduce engine knocking and pinging.

How do octane boosters work?

Octane boosters are added to the gas tank before a fill-up and will raise the octane level of your fuel. Horsepower will be restored and engine knocking reduced.

Are there any downsides of using octane boosters?

Octane boosters can boost your car’s performance a little bit, but there are limits. According to, “Adding octane booster to premium gas doesn’t turn a sled into a rocket.” There can also be an issue if too much octane booster is used on a regular basis. If you drive a car that uses 89, 91 or 93 octane gas and you opt for a lower rating and add an octane booster to it, it will damage your engine over time. Some octane boosters contain lead or metal-based additives that can harm your engine as well.

Octane booster vs fuel injector cleaner

Fuel injector cleaners are meant to clean up carbon deposits in the fuel system to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency. On the other hand, octane boosters increase performance and efficiency by increasing the octane of your fuel.

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