Kia EV6 refresh teased with ‘Star Map’ lighting

Along with the Kia EV3 coming later this year, and the EV4, plus the EV5 for global markets, the automaker’s working on a refreshed version of its first battery-electric vehicle for the U.S. market, the EV6. Proving that the design juggernaut won’t stop anywhere in the Hyundai Group, the EV6 went on sale here less than three years ago as a 2022 model. But doing everything to maintain focus on its commitment to EVs, Kia wants its veteran rocking the new family look so everyone on the street knows what’s what.

That means Star Map lighting front and back, the angular, super-thin LED lighting arrangement propagating throughout the lineup. In front, the complex pattern of DRLs and projectors on today’s car give way to a simple, sharp C-shaped bracket pulled back toward the corners. A body-colored spar stretches across the front into the DRLs, separating the upper light from the main beams below, making for a more dynamic look. 

In back, a thinner light bar spans the rear from fender to fender. The Star Map’s signature notches and hooks in the light design tie this end to the front.

Hyundai recently refreshed the Ioniq 5, the EV6’s corporate sibling, with a larger battery. Out went the 77.4-kWh unit, in went an 84.0-kWh unit that added about 20 miles of range. We expect the same gifts bestowed on the EV6. We also expect the entry-level Light RWD trim to retain its 58.0-kWh battery.

Minor changes to the interior are probably on the way, but the original still holds up well to the onslaught of EV cabins released in the past couple of years. A contingent of owners has been asking for a wiper for the rear window, the teased back shot makes us think it won’t be coming on this refresh. 

A debut can’t be far away; we figure the refreshed EV6 will make it here as a 2025 model.

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