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Can fuel cells make ground transportation more sustainable?

All About Nikola
All About Nikola

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Episode: 220

Broadcast date: May 13, 2024

Guest: Christian Appel


Jill and Tom opened this week’s show by bidding farewell to the Chevrolet Malibu. The long-running midsize model, available only as a sedan in recent years, is being discontinued by General Motors to make production space for an all-new Chevrolet Bolt EV.


The hosts also expressed their confusion regarding Tesla’s recent dismissal of the company’s charging-network staff. Tom commented on a rumor that Tesla may be positioning the charging division for a possible spinoff.


Still in the first segment, Jill shares her impressions of the updated Subaru Forester, which features freshened styling, upgraded cabin appointments, and improved connectivity. The 2025 Forester goes on sale soon.


In the second segment the hosts welcome Christian Appel of Nikola to the program. The Global Head of Product and Programs at Nikola, Christian talked about the company’s new hydrogen fueling stations, its current fuel-cell and electric trucks, and future plans for the zero-emissions vehicle manufacturer.


In the last segment Jill is subjected to Tom’s “Is it a Pontiac?” quiz, and the hosts chatted briefly about the ongoing Nissan-product fire sale, which includes massive incentives on popular models.

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