Ford CEO rules out electric Mustang, but says new body styles possible

Ford CEO Jim Farley recently opened up about a potential expansion of the gas-powered Mustang range while ruling out an electric version of the iconic sports car.

In an interview with Autocar during last month’s 2024 Goodwood Members’ Meeting in the U.K., where Farley hopped behind the wheel of an early Alan Mann Racing Mustang, the Ford CEO promised there will never be an electric Mustang.

“One thing I can promise…is that we will never make an all-electric Mustang,” he said. “I look at other users of pure-electric power such as Formula E, and even companies like Rimac, and I just don’t think that would be right for Mustang.”

He said earlier this year that he plans to keep the V-8 alive in the Mustang for as long as possible, and that Ford has the option available because of the offset in emissions provided by EVs like the Mustang Mach-E.

Jim Farley

Jim Farley

Some form of electrification for the Mustang is coming, though. Ford last month said it is looking to add a hybrid option across its lineup, and in his interview with Autocar, Farley said electrified powertrains “work well” when it comes to performance.

Farley also revealed that Ford plans to continue surprising with new variants Mustang beyond the hybrid. He cited Porsche’s multiple versions of the 911 as a potential template to follow and that the wild Mustang GTD is a sort of rolling lab for potential upgrades. While the GTD will start around $325,000, Farley said Ford is looking at ways to boost performance for future variants while keeping things relatively affordable, such as reducing weight.

Farley in his interview with Autocar also said that additional body styles were possible, like a four-door that isn’t an SUV, though he stressed that any future Mustang variants need to match the “performance and attitude” of the original.

Dodge’s redesigned Charger will be available in both coupe and sedan body styles, and there are rumors the discontinued Chevrolet Camaro may also include a sedan body style when it makes its return. The new Charger will be available with gas engines, though no V-8s, and the jury is still out on what Chevy has planned for the powertrains in its next Camaro.

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