Nissan gets it on with the loud “Karaok-e” van concept

With a minivan, you can pack it with a half dozen friends to shuttle them to a big party. But that involves some boring time in traffic. With the Nissan Townstar Karaok-e you can skip that boring step because the van is the party.

That’s the idea behind Nissan’s modified Townstar Evalia is a one-off project recently shown in Europe. It’s an exercise that transforms the van into a mobile karaoke lounge.

The bulk of the modifications are in the rear of the van. A 32-inch video monitor for graphics and lyrics is the centerpiece along with the exotic sound system. There are also fancy lights in the ceiling and the cabinetry, and they’re synchronized the to the beat of the music. There’s no mention in the press release if the van comes with a “don’t dance while driving” warning.

This all-electric seven-seat Townstar Evalia—which Nissan rather cosmically claims is intended to inspire “well-being and happiness”—further features a number of apps that allows passengers to show off their vocal chops, record their performances, and share them on social media platforms.

The brand hasn’t ignored the exterior, which features a juicy wrap enhanced by a couple of hashtags. The neon-like roof attachment would almost certainly have impressed Donna Summer.

The Townstar Evalia in Europe shares close ties with the Renault Kangoo van. It comes in a long wheelbase configuration with options for five or seven seats and is available with either fully electric or gasoline powertrains.

Nissan offers no hint that this particular Townstar variant might enter serious production, and we doubt that even a groundswell of interest from the public would get the company to start building them. But we bet there are limo services that might be interested, and certainly some upfitters that could put together something similar. Of course, that’s as long as said customer has the will and the means.


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