Refreshed (and modified?) Ford Mavericks caught undisguised on public roads

Spies caught two Ford Maverick pickups virtually undisguised in public, showing off a sporty look that we’ve yet to see on a production truck, plus a new set of dished wheels. Considering both the significant overhaul to the exterior styling and the fact that both trucks are just sitting in the open, we’re skeptical that these represent the final look of the overhauled Maverick, but considering the fit and finish of the exterior bits visible here, we can’t rule out the possibility that these are all factory parts. Whether they’ll ultimately be fitted to showroom trucks is another story, of course. 

This is not the first time we’ve seen an updated Ford Maverick in the wild, but this is the first one that hasn’t been rocking fairly extensive camouflage. Virtually every body panel in front of or behind the doors on this truck appears to be new or modified, with the possible exception of the bedsides. Next to the existing Tremor (below right), you can see just how much they’ve altered up front. Plus, there’s a fresh set of wheels that appear to be anything but work-oriented. Might those be a hint that something a little more engaging is on the way?

2023 Ford Maverick Tremor

We’ve also seen what appear to be performance-tuned variants of the Maverick testing at Ford’s proving grounds. The truck below was spotted way back in 2022 and we’ve seen no trace of it since. Even the prototypes captured this month lack the integrated dual exhaust outlets visible on the above truck’s rear bumper. Either this was an idea that never came to be, or some other vehicle entirely that was merely disguised as the baby pickup. 

The Maverick was launched at an awkward time, and its development and production cycle were both heavily impacted by Covid. What Ford has in store for the baby pickup’s update is still really anybody’s guess, but if we had to bet, we’d be putting money on seeing a little something for everybody. Stay tuned. 

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