Watch as this Tesla almost Full Self-Drives into a train

A Tesla owner has shared the terrifying moment they almost crashed into a moving train, alleging the car’s semi-autonomous driving system didn’t deviate from the collision course.

Footage uploaded to the Tesla Motors Club owners forum – and subsequently shared on social media platform Threads – shows the Model 3 approaching a level crossing in heavy fog, with its driver claiming the so-called ‘Full Self-Driving’ (FSD) system was in use at the time.

While the Tesla’s built-in cameras show the crossing gates closed with flashing lights, the car doesn’t slow or change course until the driver takes over in the final seconds before the crash.

After striking the gate and subsequently downloading the footage from the car, the driver took to the forum to share their story, claiming it’s the second time within the past six months that their Tesla has “attempted to drive directly into a passing train while in FSD mode”.

The driver, who posts under the username cdotyjj, said they have an 88km commute each morning, and “98 per cent of the time, the FSD does exactly what it’s supposed to do”.

“This is not an attempt at “insurance fraud.” It is very concerning to me that the FSD system has failed to recognise a train crossing twice,” the driver said.

Tesla markets Full Self-Driving – technically a Level 2 autonomous driving system, despite the name – as having the ability to accelerate, brake and steer the car itself, with the system claimed to be capable of navigating, changing lanes and following road signal directions.

However, the owner’s manual warns drivers must be prepared to take over control at any time, either for emergencies or in case of a failure with the technology.

It appears this case falls into the latter category, with the Tesla’s owner lucky to escape with soreness and bruising instead of major injuries or worse.

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