Cadillac Doesn’t Plan To Offer Any Hybrids

2025 Cadillac Lyriq

Image: Cadillac

GM is rethinking its EV investment and finally coming around to what Toyota seems to be selling a ton of: hybrids. The first of these hybrids were needed yesterday, but we won’t be seeing them until 2027. That’s when every GM division will roll out a hybrid or plug-in hybrid model. Just don’t expect to see one from Cadillac.

A report from Newsweek confirms that Cadillac is sticking with its plan for EVs and gas powered models through 2030. Despite GM CEO Mary Barra committing to hybrids during an interview last week, Stephanie Obendorfer, Cadillac communications senior manager, told Newsweek that the automaker will stick with its current EV and gas model plan and ultimately, customers will decide which way the brand goes.

While Cadillac will offer an all-EV portfolio by 2030, we will let customer behaviors determine the rate we go exclusively EV. Our fresh ICE and EV portfolio and flexible manufacturing put us in a good position to transition at the rate of the market.

In addition to the current Lyriq and super exclusive Celestiq, Cadillac has three EVs coming in the next year or so: the massive Escalade IQ, the XT6-like Vistiq and the compact Optiq. This is in addition to the regular gas-powered lineup.

While some would say that lineup is a good mix, industry analysts think otherwise. President and chief auto analyst at AutoPacific Ed Kim told Newsweek that Cadillac’s EV plans will bring younger customers to the brand, but it might alienate those buyers who aren’t ready for an EV yet; hybrids would be a good middle ground for those customers on the fence.

…adding hybrids would be a good step as many competitive luxury brands are currently doing so, and ignoring them may leave customers who would consider a Cadillac and are interested in electrification – just not full EVs – without any suitable products to choose from. GM has many hybrid and PHEV powertrains available in China, and it may be wise to leverage its global resources to bring hybrid powertrains to the Cadillac brand.

Models like the Escalade and XT5 would benefit greatly if they had a hybrid option. Hopefully Cadillac doesn’t come to regret this “it’s EVs or nothing” stance.

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