Yinson GreenTech showcases its new range of EV products and services at the Malaysia Autoshow 2024

Yinson GreenTech showcases its new range of EV products and services at the Malaysia Autoshow 2024

Yinson GreenTech (YGT) made quite a splash at the recent Malaysia Autoshow 2024 with its ‘Positively Charged – Energising the Electric Transition’ showcase, which featured a range of sustainable electric vehicle (EV) solutions for both consumers and businesses.

One of the major highlights of the event was the unveiling of rydeEV’s CERVO e-bike that expands YGT’s line-up of offerings. Designed in Europe, the CERVO provides a range of up to 110 km on a single charge, making it ideal for extended journeys. Other features include a top speed of 100 km/h, a boost mode as well as support for fast charging to get you back on the move quicker.

In addition to the CERVO, YGT’s leasing business, drivEV, welcomed four new models, including the GAC Aion Y Plus, Maxus eDeliver 7, Maxus eDeliver 3 and Maxus T90 EV, the last of which is Malaysia’s first electric pick-up truck. With flexible leasing plans, drivEV is an ideal way for individuals or businesses to enter the EV world, with a wide range of models to suit their tastes and budgets.

It wasn’t just EVs that were highlighted by YGT at the Malaysia Autshow, as the company also added EV chargers from Kempower, Alpitronic and Autel to its portfolio. Furthermore, chargEV entered into a strategic alliance with Kineta to expand the country’s charging infrastructure and improve the experience for EV owners here.

More surprising at the event was YGT’s marinEV business which presented prototypes of electric crew transfer and light cargo vessels. These are aimed at bringing sustainable maritime transportation and underlines the company’s commitment to electrifying all aspects of transportation, be it on land or water.

Lastly, there’s YGT’s digitalEV, which is an integrated command centre concept powered by AI tools for businesses to increase their productivity levels. Through this platform, businesses will find it much easier and efficient to adopt EVs into their vehicle fleets.

With EV transition being a major talking point in today’s world, YGT aims to be at the forefront to support individuals and businesses looking to make the switch. The company’s showcase at the Malaysia Autoshow is testament to this and all are invited to join to electric revolution by visiting YGT’s official website.

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