How Did We Not Know Rob Dahm Was On The Bachelorette?

Rob Dahm

Even if, like me, you’re not all that interested in tuning, you probably know the name Rob Dahm. The man’s a master of all things rotary and has built some of the craziest rotary-powered cars on the planet, and while we’ve never met, he’s supposedly a pretty great guy. Still, I wasn’t expecting to log onto Reddit and discover that Rob was also previously a contestant on The Bachelorette. Who knew?

If you just got excited about going back and watching his season, though, I do have some bad news for you. While he was definitely on season seven of The Bachelorette, he was eliminated in the first round, so there isn’t much to watch. Also, apparently, Hulu doesn’t have season seven anymore, and it’s not on Tubi either, so you’re going to have to hunt to find the episode.

We were able to find this clip of Rob’s interview with a local news channel after his show aired that is delightfully dated. He also comes off yet again as a genuinely nice guy. Clearly, Ashley didn’t know a good thing when she saw one.

Booted bachelor Rob Dahm

Dahm was a good sport about the post, replying, “hahahahhaahah i worked hard to find true love. didnt know it would be an engine.” According to him, getting cut wasn’t exactly heartbreaking either:

she was not my type at all. it was supposed to be emily maynard from the hendrick family but she delayed to the following season. i can genuinely say i would not have chemistry with ashley outside of the show

Is this the absolute most important news that you could read today? Not at all, but now you know Rob Dahm was on The Bachelorette. And who doesn’t love a new fun fact?

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