Bumbling car thieves thwarted by… a giant tank?

A trio of bumbling car thieves attempting to steal a rare Toyota Supra and R34 Nissan GT-R were thwarted by the most unlikely of things – an armoured personnel carrier and a lowly bollard.

The Supra, GT-R, and armoured personnel carrier were being stored in a factory in Queensland and it’s believed the thieves knew the Supra and GT-R were there, but didn’t know the armoured personnel carrier was going to be there.

They can be heard on the security footage saying “What the f… is that?” before searching for car keys and attempting to move the enormous vehicle out of the way.

Why are they bumbling thieves? Well, they somehow manage to start the armoured personnel carrier – explained by the owner in an Instagram post as being operated without a key – and then run into one of their thief friends in the process.

Footage from the scene shows a trail of blood, along with an angle grinder with a broken disc discarded. It’s unclear whether the thief was injured by the armoured personnel carrier running into them, or the blade of the grinder breaking off while attempting to cut the bollard.

The armoured personnel carrier is part of a raffle by the Tough Times Foundation, an Australian charity raising money to support people in need of wheelchair accessible transport.

According to the foundation, if the winner chooses the prize, they will receive it unregistered or can choose an alternative Ford Ranger Raptor prize instead.

It’s not clear whether the thieves were apprehended by police, but it’s understood they did make off with a key for the Nissan GT-R.

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