Tesla Supercharger Access For Other Brands’ EVs Appears To Have Hit Some Snags

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After some years, the automotive industry finally came together to agree on the automotive equivalent of the USB: the North American Charging Standard. Essentially everyone fell in line and agreed to use Tesla as the standard since the brand has an impressive network of Supercharging stations. While some brands have already adopted the standard, others are facing delays as a report from PC Mag details.

On Tesla’s Supercharging site, GM, Volvo and Polestar are listed as the next automakers to adopt the standard; the site says Spring 2024 for their adoption. Yet speaking to PC Mag, a rep for Polestar said the brand’s adoption timeline has been adjusted; Polestar plans to move to NACS this summer.

GM’s timeline seems to be up in the air as well. A rep for the automaker told PC Mag that NACS adapters would be going out soon but didn’t give an exact date.

Sanaz Marbley, director of global strategic technology communications at GM, said adapters would be “available to purchase through our GM vehicle brand apps later this year,” suggesting that it too might miss a spring 2024 rollout. She later clarified that the timeline is still spring 2024. GM does not have “a specific date” for when adapters will go out, but we have about three weeks until it’s officially summer.

If that timeline holds up, Tesla Superchargers should be open to GM EVs within the next few weeks. Tesla’s recent shakeup and mass layoffs on its Supercharging team do seem to have some of the automakers worried. While George Bahadue, senior manager of site acquisition and business development for commercial charging at Tesla gave PC Mag an “everything is fine ‘’ comment saying “there is much work to be done,” GM says it’s been monitoring the situation.

That situation could get worse at any time as it’s been reported that Musk wanted more layoffs than initially planned. So if you’re a non-Tesla EV owner, I’d stay on top of this situation. It might be a while before you’re able to use a Supercharger.

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