Alfa Romeo’s fifth model line will likely be a midsize SUV

  • Alfa Romeo execs still believe the automaker needs a larger midsize crossover SUV
  • The midsize SUV might be twinned with the next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Expect the larger Alfa Romeo SUV to sit above the next-generation Stelvio in the lineup

Alfa Romeo is likely to go bigger rather than smaller for a fifth model line due in 2027, brand boss Jean-Philippe Imparato has revealed.

In an interview with Autocar published on Monday, Imparato said the decision on the fifth model line would be made by the end of the year and that the most likely case will be a midsize SUV, though another leading option is a compact hatchback.

“The question is do we go up [in size]? And for me the answer is yes, we have to go up,” he said.

Alfa Romeo in April unveiled a subcompact crossover called the Junior, though the model isn’t bound for the U.S. Instead, Alfa Romeo offers the larger Tonale subcompact crossover as its smallest model here. It also offers the Giulia and Stelvio, but the aging compact duo will be redesigned in the coming years.

Jean-Philippe Imparato

Jean-Philippe Imparato

A new Stelvio is due in 2025 and will be followed in 2026 by a new Giulia. Both models are expected to be based on parent company Stellantis’ STLA Large platform that debuted in the 2024 Dodge Charger, meaning they will be able to offer the choice of electric or gas powertrains.

Should the midsize SUV be given the green light, it will also likely utilize the STLA Large platform. Fellow Stellantis brand Jeep in May unveiled a 2024 Wagoneer S midsize SUV on the platform.

There are rumors the Alfa Romeo midsize SUV is being developed together with a redesigned Jeep Grand Cherokee, which according to a UAW document published in 2023 will also arrive in 2027. The two are even tipped to share a production line at Stellantis’ Detroit Assembly Complex plant, where the current Grand Cherokee is built. The Wagoneer S will be built at Stellantis’ Toluca Assembly plant in Mexico, where the current Compass is built.

Imparato has also previously hinted at a sporty model like a coupe or convertible, but in his interview with Autocar he said such a model would depend on future trends, suggesting there aren’t any concrete plans for one yet.

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