The 2024 Nürburgring Classic: Roars From A Glorious Past

Last weekend, Germany’s Nürburgring was a melting point of cars of all generations, everything from a 1920s BMW Dixi 3/15 Sport to the 1990s BMW E36 320i STC. The 2024 Nürburgring Classic was a chance to see legends of the past parked up in the paddock and at wide-open throttle out on track.

My day at the event began at Adenau – the lowest point of the Nordschleife – at 9:00am, a long way away from the centre of the action. There was a good reason why I wanted to kick off here.

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While the Nürburgring Classic is run on the GP Circuit, Pre-War cars take over the Nordschleife for a special session on Saturday morning. My knowledge of these cars is minimal, but I enjoyed the sights and sounds of these vintage speed machines in this iconic setting.


After the session ended, I headed to the Nürburgring GP Circuit’s paddock. The paddock here isn’t all that big, so race cars and support vehicles are all crammed into one space. This makes shooting more convenient, but it can be hard to find a theme.

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Being packed with people, but without a dedicated road for the race cars to head to and from the circuit, you find yourself in the middle of it all. It’s necessary to be alert, but everyone has the chance to get up close to the racing machinery.


One well-themed spot is the old Nürburgring paddock at the far end of the venue. This is where the Pre-War cars were situated.

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The grid walks are another chance to get up close with the cars. For about 15 minutes, spectators are allowed on the starting grid before the racing starts. I only had a short window of opportunity to shoot on the grid, and the size of the crowd made it difficult to get a clean shot.

Speedhunters_Steve_Edward_DSC00465 (1)

The casual track session and spectator cars don’t disappoint either.


Porsche 911s are a given at any car event in Germany, but for the Nürburgring Classic, all the specials came out. This off-road-spec long-hood 911 I spotted at the Porsche Club Nürburgring was the wildest.


This 911 is a contemporary 935 tribute. Complete with the iconic Vaillant livery, the G-body 911 – presumably a Turbo – is a DP Motorsport creation. I also came across another DP special at the event, but I am saving that one for a standalone spotlight…


The Nürburgring Classic is always a great event, and 2024 was no different. Although the schedule was packed – which meant I had to miss a few races to enjoy the paddock sights – it never felt like I missed out on any of the action.

Steve Edward
Instagram: stevedwrd

Additional Photography by Jonathan Wedel
Instagram: jonathanwdl
jonathanwdl | Motorsport Fotografie

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