Updated BMW 1-Series hatch due out soon

BMW has started the teaser campaign for its updated 1-Series hatchback, which the automaker has confirmed is due out soon.

A single teaser photo released to social media on Monday shows the silhouette of the vehicle. Few details can be ascertained, but there appear to be new designs for the lights at both ends.

Camouflaged prototypes spotted in the wild over the past year also point to a new grille design and a revamped dash and center console.

It isn’t clear what’s planned for the powertrain lineup. More power is possible, especially for the range-topping M235i whose current 2.0-liter turbo-4 is good for 301 hp. It’s possible we’ll see a bump to 312 hp, which matches the output the same engine makes in the related X1 M35i crossover that arrived for 2024.

There are also rumors the updated 1-Series will be the first BMW to adopt the automaker’s new naming practice, where gas-powered cars no longer carry a lower-case “i” in their individual model designations. So the M235i mentioned above may simply become the M235. This is to help distinguish the gas-powered cars from electric cars, which will continue to feature a lower-case “i” in their model designations.

The current 1-Series hatchback has been on sale since 2019, though never in the U.S. The updated version also isn’t expected here, but many of its updates should feature on an updated version of the related 2-Series Gran Coupe expected for the 2025 model year. Both vehicles ride on BMW Group’s FAAR platform for front-wheel-drive cars.

There’s also a 1-Series sedan exclusive to China, though future plans for the notchback are uncertain.

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