Reminder – you can share your vehicle’s digital road tax with another driver via the MyJPJ app

Reminder – you can share your vehicle’s digital road tax with another driver via the MyJPJ app

The MyJPJ app, introduced last year, offers plenty of useful features, most notably the ability to display a digital driving licence (in case you forget it) and road tax (e-Lesen Kenderaan Motor, or e-LKM). The latter enables drivers to skip putting the tax sticker on your windscreen for a cleaner look, while still keeping their cars road legal.

Some of those features may have gone unnoticed by motorists. Just today, X user Aysha Ridzuan (@ayshardzn) shared that she only recently found out that the app enabled car owners to share their digital road tax with another driver. This functionality, introduced at the start of the year, means the said driver can pass through road blocks and inspections even if the car’s physical tax sticker is not present.

To do so, you have to open the MyJPJ app (you will obviously need to have an account with your car registered first), then tap on “Profile” and then “Motor Vehicle Licence.” From there, you can select the number plate of the car you want to share with the other driver, which will bring you to the digital road tax. At the bottom, tap on “Share LKM” and then the plus icon.

Here, you will have to enter the IC number of the other driver, along with the start and end date of the shared road tax. Tap on “Submit” then confirm the details of the driver by selecting “Yes”. The app will then show you the safety code you will need to share with the other driver to activate the shared road tax.

As a reminder, it is necessary to share the digital road tax with the other driver instead of simply a screenshot, as the latter can be edited. Letting the police or JPJ officer view the digital road tax in the MyJPJ app is the official way, and it helps prevents fraud.

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