All Of Charli XCX’s Car References In Her New Album Brat

Charli XCX is the queen of putting out bangers with excellent car references in her lyrics and even songs that are mainly about cars. I mean, just look at her songs “Vroom Vroom,” “White Mercedes,” “Porsche,” “Backseat” and the track “Speed Drive” that was featured in the Barbie movie. It’s especially fitting that Charli has so many automotive lyrics, as her music is absolutely perfect for blasting in your car.

Her new album Brat, which was released on Friday (and had a deluxe version drop last night), is no different. There are lines about cars or driving in a few of the songs, and we’ve rounded them all up for you.

Charli xcx – Everything is romantic (official lyric video)

In “Everything is romantic” Charli sings about how, well, everything is romantic while on an Italian vacation with a new lover. This bit is repeated a few times throughout the song, with the line “fall in love again and again” making up the entire last third of the song, too:

Fall in love again and again
Winding roads, doing manual drive

There’s a chance the “manual drive” bit is talking about a scooter or motorcycle, though, as Charli also says “sandals on the stirrups of the scooters.”

Charli xcx – Apple (official lyric video)

Charli uses the “apple doesn’t fall from the tree” metaphor in “Apple” to sing about her relationship with her parents, which makes her want to get away:

I guess the apple don’t fall far from the tree
‘Cause I’ve been looking at you so long
Now I only see me
I wanna throw the apple into the sky
Feels like you never understand me
So I just wanna drive to the airport
The airport, the airport, the airport

She repeats the line “I’m gonna drive, gonna drive all night” a couple times before the third verse comes in:

I think the apple’s rotten right to the core
From all the things passed down
From all the apples coming before
I split the apple down symmetrical lines
And what I find is kinda scary
Makes me just wanna drive
(Drive, drive, drive, dr-dr-dr-drive, drive, drive)
(I’m gonna drive, gonna drive all night)
(I’m gonna drive, gonna drive all night)
(Drive, drive, drive, dr-dr-dr-drive, drive, drive)

Charli xcx – 365 (official lyric video)

Okay, this isn’t explicitly about cars, as earlier in the song she sings about bumpin’ her music in the club and in her house, but these windows in question could also be car windows, especially as “365″ goes incredibly hard when blasting it in your car:

Now I wanna hear my track, are you bumpin’ that?
‘Til the windows crack, I’ll be (Bumpin’ that)

Charli xcx – Spring breakers (official lyric video)

“Spring Breakers” is about Charli being an outcast at events like the Grammy’s, which have been held at the Staples Center on multiple February 10ths. Sadly, I don’t know exactly what sort of big pink truck she’s talking about:

Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, in a big pink truck
February 10th, and I’m gonna pull up
Hey, Staples Center, what the fuck is up?
Yеah, I’m parked outside watching all the girls strut

DUIs are bad, obviously, but I love these lyrics that come later in the verse:

Yeah, I knew I’d end up with my hands behind my back
In a police car, blue and red sirens
All flash, flash, flash, flash, lights and cameras everywhere
Now I’m on the news with the DUI stare
Who cares?
Just put me on the platform, turn the microphone on
There’s no one I wanna thank out there, yeah

Charli xcx – 360 (official video)

“360″ doesn’t have any car lyrics, but there are cars in the video, including (what I think is) Charli’s own 992 convertible.

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