Zwift Ride: Indoor training brand’s re-entry into hardware market is absolutely not what we were expecting

When, just a few weeks back, Zwift surprised me with an invite to preview a secret piece of hardware my imagination ran wild. What could it be? My initial reaction, based on the demise of the original Zwift Ride smart bike back in 2022, as well as its relatively recent legal run-in with Wahoo was ‘wow, I thought Zwift was through with hardware’. That spat culminated in a slap on the wrist for patent infringement and the speedy withdrawal of its Zwift Hub One trainer, a piece of kit so new the orange paint was barely dry. Ouch!

Then I remembered Zwift’s equally recent, but genius Play controllers that offer responsive, real-time control of the platform from your handlebars. Of course, that’s it –  Zwift’s a tech company, so this launch is certain to be a truly advanced chunk of gaming ’n training wizardry. Right?

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