Suzuki Releases 2025 Youth ATVs

The 2025 Suzuki QuadSport Z90. (Suzuki/)

Suzuki just released its youth ATV lineup for 2025, with the Suzuki QuadSport Z50 and Suzuki QuadSport Z90 unchanged for the new model year. Both models have pull start and electric start, continuously variable automatic transmissions, and speed and power controls to suit riders of varying ability.

The 2025 Suzuki QuadSport Z50.

The 2025 Suzuki QuadSport Z50. (Suzuki/)

Both quads run air-cooled single-cylinder engines. The Z50 is recommended for riders 6 and older, and the 90 is recommended for riders 12 and older. The Z90 has a collar in the clutch that limits top speed to 15 mph. The collar can be removed to de-restrict top speed when the rider is ready.

The Z50 has a remote, tethered ignition switch that lets adults cut the engine whenever they need to. Both ATVs have youth-friendly seat heights, with the 50 sitting just over 21 inches and the 90 under 26 inches.

The Z50 sits on 7-inch wheels, while the 90 rides on 8-inch rollers. Both get tubeless tires. The Z50 relies on a swingarm-type independent front suspension, the Z90 gets a single A-arm twin shock independent front end.

Both Suzuki youth ATVs are available only in Champion Yellow No. 2. The only change for 2025 is a $200 price increase for the Z90, which now retails for $3,379. The Z50 is the same price as last year, at $2,349. Hit the Suzuki website to learn more.

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