Amtrak’s Philadelphia-Boston Service Resumes After A Two-Hour Suspension

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Image: David Boe (AP)

Amtrak’s service between Boston and Philadelphia was suspended earlier in today after a power outage caused service interruptions. Officials say the outage occurred in the New York City area and was affecting service out of the city’s Penn Station. ABC News reports the Amtrak service has resumed after crews worked for over two hours to restore the power.

Due to the heatwave the northeast is experiencing, Amtrak seemed to know a service interruption was imminent, as ABC detailed:

The outage was reported shortly after Amtrak warned that the extreme heat in the Northeast might force trains to slow down, causing up to one-hour delays. It was not immediately clear if the service suspension was caused by the heat.

The disruption is the latest in a series of service disruptions that started earlier this week, as News 12 New Jersey reported. To make matters worse, Amtrak is supposed to raise it’s fares at the beginning of July.

The delays come less than two days after a different transit mess due to overhead Amtrak wire issues.

Commuters have had to deal with delays of up to an hour and a half on Tuesday night, as well as the complete suspension of some lines on Tuesday and Wednesday. These disruptions come ahead of a fare hike set to take effect on July 1.

Gov. Phil Murphy criticized NJ Transit and Amtrak leaders about the issues and said that his office is working to get to the bottom of all the disruptions.

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